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Kernel & Hardware / Re: external Harddrive eSATA doe not spin up
« Last post by throwaway675 on 13. May 2018, 13:43:55 »
My setup started to work again after getting some sleep... without any evident changes made. And I tried a lot... no idea what happened. I'd guess some loose connection or so? :/
Package Management / Wine Staging 3.6 package missing
« Last post by theriddick on 20. April 2018, 09:46:32 »
I don't understand why this package isn't showing up for me, yes multilib is enabled. I can't see any indication that its in testing or something. Can somebody help me out thanks.
Installation / mouse pointer invisible after suspend
« Last post by jackren on 26. March 2018, 13:19:05 »
Hello ,

I just installed latest manjaro xfce on a pc (amd64) and did a system update,
averything seems to work, just one thing,
after the pc isn't used for a while (suspend) and I click on the mouse, the screens comes back on but the mouse pointer stays invisible (but stills works)
Only after a reboot the mouse pointer is back visible.
What could I try to sesolve this?
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