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Package Management / lib32-gcc-libs circular dependency problem
« Last post by avamk on 10. October 2017, 17:57:21 »

Right now I've got three updates to my otherwise-fully-updated Manjaro system that won't install due to dependency errors (see attached screenshot or here), they are: gcc-multilib, gcc-libs-multilib, and lib32-gcc-libs.

Whenever I try to install one of them, it says that doing so will break the dependency for another one of the three.

How do I troubleshoot and fix this? Thanks!
I've had to work with it quite extensively for a friend who was in the same boat (minus the auto-building of playlists?).

===Remove DRM===

To play your M4V files on linux, you'll need to remove the DRM beforehand. TunesKit did exactly what I needed, but it costs money and
only runs on Windows (and maybe Mac).

There are other DRM removal solutions (for example: ).
I did not try those, but some look free.

===iTunes Alternatives===

sudo pacman -S rhythmbox
-Actively developed
-Many plugins to tie into different services (soundcloud,, magnatune store, grilo and misc, etc)

sudo pacman -S amarok
-Actively developed
-Many plugins to tie into different services (ampache,, jamendo, magnatune store, amazon mp3 store, mp3tunes, various podcasts )

sudo pacman -S yaourt; yaourt -S banshee
-No longer actively developed
-Many plugins to tie into different services (, amazon mp3 store, emusic, internet archive, etc )

sudo pacman -S yaourt; yaourt -S spotify
-Not really an "alternative" to iTunes, but an alternative to how you get your music and worth the mention

===iPod Support===

Depending on the generation of iPod you have, you might be able to sync directly to it using iTunes alternatives listed above.
Best thing you can do is try and see if they work. Apple changed the database encryption with the latest versions of iPod, and
open source devs have not been able to reverse-engineer it, nor crack it as of yet (it's been a few years).

I tried a 7th gen iPod nano. While those native music library applications detect the music on them, they cannot make changes to the contents.
(You can try, and it might say "success", but when you unplug it and re-plug it the changes don't stick).

If they do not work. you can use virtualbox (and a windows VM) to continue to use iTunes to sync media to your iPods. Virtual windows 10
with virtualbox guest additions installed can play videos in iTunes. Windows 7...not so much. I have not tried virtual Mac

===iPod Alternatives===
If your iPods do not work with native applications, I highly recommend getting a generic MP3 player. These usually use basic flash
storage and are compatible with basically anything. Many can even be expanded with additional or larger microSD cards.

Non-apple mp3 player search:

I recently got this one:
It works quite well for what I need (music, videos, radio, text files, etc), and is quite sleek.

You can ensure the media device is detected as a media device by creating a text file named ".is_audio_player" in root of device
with following contents: "audio_folders=mp3/" (without quotes).

While in most cases you don't need anything more than that in the ".is_audio_player" file, you can find additional tweaks here:

===iTunes via WINE===

You can also install iTunes via WINE. However, you cannot yet manage external USB devices through it (it won't detect the iPods).
The iTunes store was working a few weeks ago. Since then it seems like Apple has made more changes to how iTunes connects
to it's online services. The store tab shows up blank (though other tabs work fine).

Playing videos *does* work, but when I tested it there was an audio lag of about 2 seconds.

sudo pacman -S wine-staging wine-mono wine_gecko winetricks
WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_itunes WINEARCH=win32 winetricks -q allfonts vcrun2013 gdiplus
WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_itunes winetricks settings csmt=on
WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_itunes wine reg add "HKCU\Software\Wine\X11 Driver" /v ClientSideWithRender /d N

Then run the latest installer of iTunes (32 bit) with:
WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_itunes wine iTunesSetup.exe

All in all, If you intend to use Linux has your primary OS, I highly recommend removing the DRM from all your iTunes media, getting a generic MP3 player (if you need to), and ditching
iTunes entirely. I've been using Rhythmbox and VLC for all my media needs on linux for quite some time.
Newbie Corner / Re: New to the Forum , Introduce Yourself .
« Last post by cyjo on 08. October 2017, 12:47:26 »
Lots of little learning curves doing something new, but here goes.
Loved Abuntu but disliked the the forum. Same with mint. hoping for a diferent feel from this Forum.
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