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Package Management / delete this topic, please!
« Last post by Noox_Lee on 20. March 2017, 03:29:03 »
Package Management / Is there a way to download blueman-2.0.1-4 package
« Last post by mark001 on 11. March 2017, 21:23:18 »
Hi :)

I just faced issue like getting blueman-2.0.1-4 *.xz package to download. Seems like it cannot be downloaded from the :(
So my question is... is there a way to download this package?

Kernel & Hardware / Re: How to add and activate kernel parameter after boot
« Last post by mark001 on 11. March 2017, 21:18:21 »
Oh boy... I found live CD on its start doesn't provide information about pressing E to get to the boot menu...
but in fact pressing E on live CD start works much the same as the installed OS does :) For some reason live CD
doesn't provide information when the E should be pressed during boot but still it works :D

I guess the issue is solved
Thank you all
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