Author Topic: Nautilus double click to open files/folders  (Read 1247 times)

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Nautilus double click to open files/folders
« on: 18. April 2016, 20:34:11 »
Hi folks, I need a bit of help, if it can be helped at all :).

I've installed Deepin desktop. By default nautilus is set to open files/folders on double click, and this is not working for me. If I set it to single click, everything opens just fine on single click, but if I switch it back to double click, nothing happens :(. I had same problems on Gnome 3 desktop several months ago, but managed to solve it by starting gnome-wayland session (if I remember correctly) at login screen and double click would work. On Deepen I'm using lightdm with greeter-session=lightdm-deepin-greeter option, and I can't see any other session except deepin on login screen.

So, any help would be greatly appreciated.