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Awesome WM & Variety
« on: 24. February 2015, 16:49:21 »
Hi, im using awesome wm with xfce-power-manager and i want to use variety to set wallpaper, as i used in xfce, can anyone help me or have had this thing solved/implemented? Thanks!

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Re: Awesome WM & Variety
« Reply #1 on: 25. February 2015, 15:45:13 »
I'm going start with. I know nothing about variety. And there more then one way to set wallpaper with manjaro.  I go with the two most common way. One using a gui called nitrogen. Very simple used and restore last session image. A good option for any window manager. Two. Feh. cli option that not to hard to used. "feh --bg-scale /the/file/to/imagename" But need to add the same command to autostart. And to restore last session image with nitrogen by using autostart: nitrogen --restore &.
Help with autostart if your using a DM like lightdm.

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Re: Awesome WM & Variety
« Reply #2 on: 26. February 2015, 07:25:46 »
Culinax did the autostart thing quite well in the rc.lua on his respin.
Go check it out in a live session (then grab the file. :P )
(and if you go back a few pages in that stickie thread, you'll find the wallpaper switcher scriplet that I lifted from the arch forums and tidied up a bit 8) )

Have Fun! ^-^
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